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Pre Clinical science :

Pre clinical Science lab is well equipped with compound microscope with histological slides, models , 3D charts, specimens, manikins. It has two skeletons, and all other loose bones. The students are encouraged to use our Anatomy Lab to learn Anatomy of bones and joints and other systems also Endeavour hands on experience to the students.


Advance Nursing Skill Lab :

The advance skill lab aims at teaching and training students the essential advance nursing skills to provide overarching care for adult patients suffering from variety of disease conditions. It prepares nursing graduates qualified in the care of the adult patient according to the highest standards of nursing care. This lab also provide hands on learning experiences specific to course objectives as directed by the nursing curriculum.


Nursing Foundation Lab :

Nursing Foundation lab is well Spacious and well organized to demonstrate Students. This lab is organized to learn basic and critical nursing care with the help of manikins and simulators, models & modules (variety of adult & pediatric). we believe that “hands on training” under continuous supervision & guidance by expertise nursing Educators will make students become experts in their field.


Nutritional Lab :

This lab is designed to assist the learner to acquire wide range of knowledge of dietetics in Indian settings & to understand the concepts of “Nutrition, Health & Disease” while planning the diet for individuals and groups in the hospital and in the community.


Maternal & Child Health Lab :

In this lab we have all models of different stages of fetus with Labour mannequin, child mannequin, and Newborn mannequin, infant mannequin for CPR procedure and also equipped with all kinds of posters and charts regarding Pediatric & OBG.


Community Health Nursing Lab:

We have 45 community bags with all necessary equipment which is require for the home visiting. Home environment is given in the lab, the bags are taken to the community area for home visit. Also we have special equipments for community oriented nursing procedure.


Computer Lab :

Our computer lab is well suited and designed with latest computers with world class software enabling the students to match the pace of the world around them. All computer units share local area network.